Dunmore Country School

Established in 2005, this garden has already featured in the Farmers Journal, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Jane Powers’ book The Living Garden, and RTE’s Nationwide and Dermot’s Secret Garden.  It covers approximately 1 acre.  It is not a show garden, rather a working kitchen garden, which is dedicated to teaching.  It is, in the words of owner, Tanguy’s de Toulet, “not a display garden but a garden in progress”.  Tanguy follows traditional gardening methods and believes in the importance of value in biodiversity.
Tanguy keeps bees at Dunmore Country School, and grows plenty of flowers for bees to feed on, such as nepeta Six Hills Giant.  Green manures phacelia, buckwheat, mustard and clover are grown.  Herbs are also produced including absinthe, angelica, various types of mint and hyssop.  Some of these are used for herbal medicine.
This garden overflows with fruit and vegetables.  A range of vegetables are cultivated such as Japanese squash, courgettes, ocr and rocket as well as unusual produce like purple carrots and purple potatoes.  48 varieties of tomatoes were grown in 2011 including some Mexican varieties.  A selection of berries fruit in the garden; tayberry, gooseberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and the unusual white blackcurrant.  There are interesting features such as a medlar tree, a fruiting quince, and a fruiting hedge, which is planted at 45° angle.  Everything is used and processed.  Tanguy saves a lot of seeds.